How to extend battery life| Samsung Galaxy A23 5G

How to extend battery life| Samsung Galaxy A23 5G
How to extend battery life| Samsung Galaxy A23 5G

Battery usage Troubleshooting | Samsung Galaxy A23 5G

Repair the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery drain issue: Battery usage Troubleshooting | Samsung Galaxy A23 5G  How to extend battery life| Samsung Galaxy A23 5G High-end smartphone manufacturers are introducing several models. Many businesses, including Samsung, guarantee that certain products will have “all-day” battery life for their customers. Your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G smartphone is one of many that have a power drain. Many Samsung Galaxy A23 5G owners have complained about battery depletion issues. Everyone wants to get the most out of their smartphone, and the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G offer huge batteries of 3500 mAh and 4300 mAh, respectively. But the battery depletion problem highlights several failings of big businesses. However, the capacity of businesses like Samsung to rapidly recover and deliver upgrades when necessary is well known.

Do you belong to the users who have encountered the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G series smartphone’s standby battery drain issue? Do not fret! We’ve got your back covered. Let’s start with some methods for avoiding and fixing battery drain on the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G without further ado.

Restart your device to resolve the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery drain issue.

You might be surprised that a fast reboot can solve most gadget problems. When a phone is rebooted, its operating system is restarted, and memory is refreshed. Surprise! Additionally, it can fix the issue with the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery dying soon. Try this first if your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery drains slowly. If the first method doesn’t work, try the next one. You can plan automatic reboots once a week at night on Samsung Galaxy devices, which is a great feature. To enable this capability, you must complete the following steps

What to do if the battery of my new phone seems to be draining faster

Obtain Settings

  • Choose device care.
  • By touching the top 3-dot, choose Auto reboot.
  • If you want maximum performance from your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G, keep in mind that you should reboot them at regular intervals of 3-5 days. The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery drain issue may also be fixed.
  • Use a factory reset to address the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery drain issue.
  • You may also perform a factory reset to address the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G’s battery depletion issue. Your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G may be factory reset in one of two methods.

Approach 1

This is the simplest method. Go to the settings menu and do the steps below to accomplish this.

  • Back up your personal information, then delete your Google account.
  • open the settings app
  • Call on management
  • Reset by touching it.
  • The factory data reset option.
  • Read the full description, then press reset to continue.
  • To complete the action, tap Delete All.
  • Approach 2;

Now let’s discuss the controller reset process. Below are the steps.

  1. If making a backup is possible, do it; if the problem prevents you from doing so, skip that step.
  2. Be careful to delete your Google account as well. However, if the issue keeps you from doing so, avoid it.
  3. Shut off the phone. If you cannot accomplish that, the computer will not start in recovery mode. Wait until the Battery is completely depleted if you cannot switch it off using the power button. Charge the phone for 30 minutes before entering recovery mode.
  4. The recovery mode varies based on the phone model. Therefore, give one of these a try.
  5. Before pressing and holding the Power key, press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons.
  6. The Volume Up and Bixby buttons should be pressed and held simultaneously.
  7. The recovery screen will now show; when it does, release the button.
  8. Using the Down Volume button, select “wipe data/factory reset.”
  9. To choose “wipe data/factory reset,” press the power button.
  10. ‘Yes’ should be highlighted with the loudness lowered.
  11. To confirm the factory reset, push the power button.
  12. Ensure the Display is bright to address the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery depletion issue.

It is well known that reducing brightness lengthens battery life. However, many smartphone users like to keep the brightness at or over 90%. Surprisingly, it is one of the main reasons the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery is depleting faster than normal. The Display is one of a smartphone’s power-hungry parts. On the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G, a brighter display consumes more battery life than one with lower brightness.

The auto-brightness function of the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G series may be turned on as follows:

Obtain Settings

  • Utilize the Display
  • Toggle Auto-brightness on.
  • The switch should now be in the Auto-brightness position.
  • Reduced screen timeouts will address the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery depletion issue.
  • Many of us keep the screen timeout timer on our phones set to the maximum period of 10 minutes, or even 1 minute, 2 minutes, or even that. The Battery of the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G display discharges more frequently than you may think. The Battery is unduly stressed when the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G’s Display is left on for extended periods without use. The screen timeout should be kept to a minimum to save power and avoid battery depletion. The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G’s screen timeout settings are as follows:

Obtain Settings

  • After you scroll down, choose Display.
  • After arriving there, click on the Screen Timeout.
  • There are other possibilities for screen timeouts; choose the 15-second option, which is the shortest.

Switch to a lower resolution.

If your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G’s Battery is running low, try using it at a lower resolution because using it at higher resolutions consumes more power. As a result, while playing high-resolution games, the phone uses more energy to show graphics and text. Lowering the display resolution helps the phone save power by minimizing the burden on the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G has the following options for changing the display resolution:

Obtain Settings

  • Tap it to select Display.
  • Visit the page for Screen Resolution.
  • Screen Resolution settings have either QHD+ (2280 X 1440) or FHD+ (2280 X 1080) as their default resolution. Choose the lowest resolution (1520 x 720) now, FHD+ or HD+.
  • If the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G’s power consumption persists, wait a little to go on to the next stage and monitor the battery life.

Use the night mode to resolve the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery depletion issue.

The dark Mode on the Samsung Galaxy is one of the best features for using your phone in dim light without hurting your eyes. According to the manufacturer, Dark Mode might extend the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G. This is due to the AMOLED Display.

As a result, they are inactive when they exhibit the color black. As a result, you get richer blacks and more color options. Additionally, Dark Mode offers a better aesthetic appeal and consumes less power. In contrast to Light Mode, Dark Mode won’t consume any additional energy if you need to change the brightness levels outside. The 100% brightness setting on your phone may cause it to overheat if used for an extended period. As a result, the Battery on your phone will deplete more quickly. To stop this, turn on the Dark/Night Mode by performing the following.

  • Obtain Settings
  • Tap the Display.
  • Turn on the Dark (Night) Mode.
  • When discussing dark Mode, let’s not forget the significance of black backgrounds. It would be best to consider utilizing dark or black backgrounds because, as you know, the Display consumes the most power. The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G’s battery life will be more significantly impacted.

Eliminate the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G energy consumption by turning off the Always-On Display.

The Always-On Display may be causing your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery to discharge fast. This feature lets you see a tiny clock with dates, alerts, and battery life even while your screen is off. As you know, energy is often used when the screen is lit up.

The main issue with this function is that it causes the Display to illuminate each time you receive a notification. Imagine that your phone receives 100 display flashes if there are hundreds of alerts from different apps.

Following Samsung, the Always-On display consumes around 5% of the Battery during an 8-hour workday. Even if it doesn’t matter much, unnecessary app notifications can considerably reduce the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G smartphone. Disable Always-On Display by selecting Settings, scrolling until the Lock screen option shows, and then selecting it. This is possible via

  • Obtain Settings
  • Turn on notifications.
  • By navigating the list of applications on your phone, you can either entirely turn off the always-on Display or deactivate pointless app alerts.
  • Enable automatic optimization to address the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery drain issue.
  • The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G cellphone’s Auto Optimisation function is useful. It automates deactivating unnecessary background programs, making RAM available, and removing temporary files to improve performance. If your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G’s Battery is getting low, you may turn on this option by navigating to the Device Care settings.

Follow these steps to activate auto-optimization in your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G:

Obtain Settings

  • Scroll down and click Device Care.
  • To access device care, locate the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen and tap them.
  • Select Auto Optimization on the next screen, then press to turn it ON.
  • In addition to automatically clearing the RAM (memory), auto optimization can help avoid battery loss on the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G by prohibiting unnecessary programs from running in the background. It would help if you tried that; it could solve your battery drain issue.
  • Disable connectivity settings to address the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery depletion issue.
  • Turning off a number of your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G’s extraneous functions will extend your device’s battery life. The Battery will suffer if the mobile Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, and GPS are always turned on.
  • You could suppose your Samsung Galaxy device’s Wi-Fi is not working as you are not connected to Wi-Fi. But that’s not the case. Your phone may be running location services in the background or searching for the nearest Wi-Fi network, which depletes your Battery. Turning these functions off while not in use is the best course of action to avoid battery drain concerns on the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G.
  • Disable any unnecessary features.
  • The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G has several accessibility features, all of which we recommend disabling by choosing Advanced Features from the Settings menu. There will be lists of features, like Smart Capture, Smart Stay, Palm Swipe Capture, Direct Call, Easy Mute, and many more. The bulk of them need power and even certain sensors to operate. Just start shutting off the devices you are not using. Over time, you’ll notice a shift in the battery depletion.

Find a battery-draining program.

A software issue is likely to blame for the battery depletion. We will thus try to pinpoint the applications that might be causing the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery to overheat or waste its juice. If your phone’s Battery starts to run down rapidly, something is only right if you use many resources. If so, you must look at how your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery is used. Statistics on each app’s battery life are available. If you’re unaware, an excessively fast battery drain might result in overheating and vice versa. It is caused by particular background-running programs that hog the CPU and GPU.

Remove/Disable Unneeded Apps

Did you know that some apps on your phone waste a lot of battery life despite being entirely worthless to you? Some applications are pre-installed on your smartphone and are unable to be removed. By going to the Programmes area of Settings, create a list of those programs that are worthless as they often run in the background and use the energy of your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G even when you are not using them.

Once you get the list, you can examine the battery use and disable or delete the items as necessary by following the specified steps.

Obtain Settings

  • Select “Device Maintenance” from the menu.
  • After pressing on Battery, go to Battery Usage.
  • Look for programs that use up more Battery and, if required, click Uninstall.
  • On the power-saving Mode
  • Because of One UI and Android 10, Samsung Galaxy smartphones now include a feature-rich battery optimization system. To make the most of this function, go to Settings, Device Care, and choose Battery. Before continuing, become familiar with a few power-saving settings.

High Performance: Increasing brightness and resolution give you a smoother, lag-free experience. Note: Not recommended to maintain batteries.

Optimized power-saving mode: With this option, your smartphone can achieve the ideal balance between functionality and battery life, making it fit for frequent use.

The medium power-saving option is best for those who need to use their phones throughout the day while working.

Full power-saving Mode: If you won’t be using your phone for a long, put it in this Mode. You can still make calls, send texts, and use various applications, even if some capabilities may be restricted.

Adaptive power-saving mode: This option allows you to extend battery life based on your usage patterns.

Whichever one best fits you can be chosen.

Add a napping app.

Have you ever purchased coins, tokens, or other products via a mobile app that continuously annoys you with pointless messages? They cause power waste and run in the background when retrieving alerts. If you retain these applications on your phone, be careful to put them to sleep. You can sleep these applications with the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G. Try keeping certain applications in sleep mode to stop them from using power while running in the background.

By doing the following, the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G may add sleeping apps:

  • Select Battery from the Device Care menu under Settings.
  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • From the menu, choose Settings, then choose Sleeping Apps.

Remember that the applications for sleeping won’t be providing you updates. Some programs may remain in the background even after you’ve put them to sleep. To prevent that, put these programs into a deep sleep while not in use. Deep sleep will never let an app operate in the background until you initiate it.

Set the Battery’s parameters.

Battery calibration is one remedy for the difficulties of Samsung Galaxy A23 5G battery depletion. Regular use or software upgrades may occasionally cause the Battery in your smartphone to behave strangely or display misleading values. Have you ever been in a predicament where the battery level varies greatly? If so, the flawed battery readings are at fault. To resolve this issue and other battery issues, change it following the guidelines below.

The batteries for the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G may be calibrated as follows:

  • After your phone has finished charging, keep it plugged in for two more hours.
  • After then, take care to recharge it to 100% continuously.
  • Cache partition cleared
  • After then, there can be some issues with the cache partition on your device. You must go into the device’s recovery mode and erase the cache partition to fix this. Your device’s temporary files (cache) have all been removed.

Follow these procedures to remove the cache partition on a Samsung Galaxy A23 5G:

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. The recovery mode varies based on the phone model. Therefore, give one of these a try.
  3. Alternatively, press and hold the Bixby and Volume Up keys before pressing and holding the Power key. Press and hold the Power Button and Volume Up buttons first.
  4. When you see the Android logo, let go of each key.
  5. The Android Recovery menu will then show up.
  6. After making your choice, press the Down Volume button to select “Wipe cache partition.”
  7. Press the Power button and select “Wipe cache partition.”
  8. After using Volume Down to highlight Yes, hit the Power button to confirm the wipe cache operation.
  9. Watch for the “Wipe cache complete” message to display.
  10. The command “Reboot system now” will be highlighted. Press the Power key to turn the gadget on next.
  11. Advisory from the editor

Restart an Android gadget.


Does more resolution use more Battery?

Said yes. The Battery drains faster if you pick higher resolutions. Therefore, try to avoid using higher resolutions.

After water damage, “Battery Drain Issue.”

The smartphone must first be dried out when it comes into contact with water. Therefore, take off the battery cover and extract the Battery. When the Battery is damaged by water, a sticker turns pink, crimson, or white with a red horizontal stripe. Then you must get a new one right away.  If, after a few days, you start to observe battery drains on your smartphone, you should move quickly to get in touch with the Samsung center and receive their assistance as soon as possible.

After updating the Samsung Galaxy, I get the “Battery Drain Issue.”

You should check if the update procedure has finished as your first choice. The error can occasionally appear when the screen is overly bright or has been on for a long period. Even if you notice that your Battery is starting to drain after the update, the battery life may be running out.

Battery use for 5G services might increase.

Your phone may use more battery life while connecting to a 5G network than usual. The Non-Standalone (NSA)* standard, which combines 4G (LTE) and 5G, is supported by the current 5G services. As a result, 5G and 4G (LTE) circuits are utilized simultaneously for high-speed processing of large-capacity data.

Your phone’s Battery may deplete more quickly than you anticipate since it is concurrently linked to several networks. More heat may be generated by your phone than by only using 3G or LTE. You may employ features that will optimize and boost your phone’s overall performance to make up for this.

* NSA (Non-Standalone): The initial roll-out of 5G networks and devices will be conducted under Non-Standalone (NSA) operation, meaning that the 4G infrastructure will continue to support the 5G networks. As a result, 5G-enabled devices will use 4G for non-data functionality, like connecting to base stations and servers, while connecting to 5G frequencies for all data-related functions.


This comprehensive guide has provided valuable insights and effective solutions for troubleshooting battery problems on your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G. Following the tips and recommendations outlined in this article can optimize your device’s battery life, prevent overheating issues, and overcome slow charging problems. Remember, a well-functioning battery is crucial for a seamless smartphone experience. By identifying battery-draining apps, optimizing battery usage, and adopting optimal device usage practices, you can ensure that your Galaxy A23 5G performs at its best and provides long-lasting battery performance. If you encounter any persisting issues or require further assistance, we recommend contacting the official Samsung support channels. 

Stay connected, enjoy your Samsung Galaxy A23 5G to its fullest potential, and experience uninterrupted usage with optimized battery performance.